Thursday, March 4, 2010

New workshop bookings

I said in my post earlier today that I would be changing some things about my workshops from now on.  The biggest change is that from this weekend when you book a workshop you will get to pick the Make and Take for your workshop.  I will have a collection of samples with me and you will be able to pick one out of the collection.  This means you will know exactly what we will be doing at your workshop, one of my big point of nerves before a workshop is that my hostess and/or her guests won't like the Make and Take that I have put together, and so will I.  This will give you as the hostess the opportunity to select something you like and possibly learn a technique that you want to.  In most cases you will be able to take the sample home with you as part of your hostess pack.  You can then show it to your guests so they will also know exactly what we will be doing at your workshop.  It will also help you generate more excitement in your guests about your workshop which will in turn help your attendance and your sales, earning you better hostess benefits.

In most cases I will hand out an instruction sheet at the workshop for your guests to follow.  Rather than me standing there and telling everyone what to do, everyone will be free to work at their own pace and ask questions or for help as required.  I will demonstrate important techniques or difficult parts of the Make and Take but on a whole once the initial demo is done I will move around the guests providing assistance where I need to.  I will also be handing out shopping lists for the make and takes that we have made.  This will give you and your guests the chance to purchase everything you need to go away and make many more of the item we have just learned how to make.  This is all part of my approach to workshops which is to look at them more as an enjoyable afternoon and a chance for everyone to learn something new than as a massive sales pitch.  The photos included in this post give you a bit of a sneak peak at the sort of Make and Takes that are available.  If you would like to see them and book a workshop to make your own please feel free to email me.

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